What Should The Big Bear Lake Eaglet's Name Be?

After anxiously waiting for weeks for this cutie to arrive, last Thursday the world was able to watch the Big Bear Lake eaglet hatch out of its egg. If you aren't familiar with the story, the eaglet is the offspring of Jackie and Shadow, two bald eagles that have gained quite the following over the years. Fans were able to keep a close eye on the nest through a webcam that had been set up that streamed live on Youtube 24/7.

The baby eagle entered this world on Thursday, March 3 and now it's time to name it! According to NBC Los Angeles, Friends of Big Bear Valley have started a fundraiser that will allow people the chance to think of a name. It will cost you ten dollars for one entry, 20 bucks for three entries, and if you donate a whopping 50 dollars, you can throw 10 names into the hat.

Contesting is open from now until March 25. From there, 35 names will be drawn and given to local 3rd graders to make the final vote. The only advice Friends of Big Bear Valley have for fans when thinking of unique names is to keep them non-gender specific.

Get more contest details here!

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