Britney Spears Just Adopted The Cutest Puppy: 'He Makes My Heart Melt'

Photo: Getty Images

Britney Spears has welcomed an adorable addition to her family. The 'Toxic' singer revealed she adopted an Australian Sheperd puppy while vacationing in Hawaii recently. She introduced her new pup to her followers with a sweet video of Swayer.

"Geez .... can you have two loves of your lives because he comes in second !!!! I'm introducing the new edition to my family ... his name is Sawyer and he's a white Australian shepherd with blue eyes," Spears began her lengthy introduction to her new pup. "I found him in Maui like a dream and took him home with me immediately."

"It's funny ... he doesn't talk back but it's like he understands what I'm saying !!!! I can talk to him for 30 min about potty training and rewarding him when he goes potty on the pad !!!! I think he understands me especially with those eyes ... he makes my heart melt ... he needs me and I like that !!!!!" Spears gushed.

Sawyer isn't the only new addition to Spears' family, either. She also revealed she adopted a new cat, as well, though she plans to introduce her later. "I watched a documentary on cats last night !!!! Such intelligent animals ... dogs think people are God ... cats don't because they know better !!!! Thought that was a cool line," she wrote. "My cat is French and very peculiar ... she looks at food as if she is 30 for two min before she eats it ... she's extremely smart and she looks like a miniature cheetah!!!!"

"Anyways I have a house FULL of small animals and I like it besides the potty training," she joked.

Back in October, Spears and her fiance, Sam Asghari, revealed they adopted an adorable Doberman puppy named Porsha. Asghari took to Instagram to share photos of their new addition, writing: "Surprised my fiancé with our newest member to the Family...Porsha!" Asghari also posted a video of him petting the puppy, telling Spears, "Her name is Porsha, and she's meant to unconditionally love you, and is going to be trained to protect you from any m—s that comes around you with bad intentions."

With two puppies and a cat, as well as wedding planning, Spears and Asghari definitely have their hands full at the moment.

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