Lil Nas X's New 'Breast Implants' Are Causing A Ruckus On Twitter

Lil Nas X apparently "got bored," bought a set of “implants,” and now fans don't know how to feel about it.

The “Rodeo” rapper turned heads on Saturday (February 6) when he appeared in new photos with what many believed were actual breast implants. “Got bored so I bought t—ties what u guys think?” Lil Nas X captioned a pair of images of him covering his new “breasts” with one of his hands; the other, with a smiling emoji.

He also took to his TikTok with a video clip showing him dancing and bouncing his new bust to a snippet of one of his new songs, titled “Call Me By Your Name.”

Fans, who had mixed reactions to this unrecognizable version of Lil Nas X, couldn’t determine whether his implants were real or fake.

“These look so natural need to feel them bro” one user tweeted, as someone else wrote, “WHY DOES HE LOOK KINDA LIKE MY 9TH GRADE ENGLISH TEACHER!??!?!?!?!?!?”

He even received a cosign from plastic surgeon Dr. Miami, who quipped, "I enjoyed having you at the office! Can’t wait for your follow up."

Unsurprisingly, though, not everyone took to the rapper’s sense of humor, even though it should have been obvious that the “breasts” were only prosthetics, likely for a music video.

Still, some users criticized the musician, associating his stunt with the work of Satan, to which the 21-year-old fired back, "Satan will never have these t—ties. these t—ties belong to god u loser."

Despite the mixed responses from so-called fans, Lil Nas X proceeded to embrace his new “implants” during Super Bowl LV, joking, “This super bowl really got me thinking... where da hell imma find a bra for these big a— t—ties.”

See more Twitter reactions below:

Photo: Getty Images

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