This Week's Weird News 11/20/20

An albino giraffe outfitted with a GPS tracker, the discovery of what may be a lost work from Leonardo Da Vinci, and an Indonesian man who struck it rich after a multi-million-dollar meteorite crashed through the roof of his house were among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to cross our desk this week.

This past week saw a bevy of stories surrounding historical objects being found in surprising locations or under unexpected circumstances. In Greece, a shockingly well-preserved centuries-old bust of the god Hermes was extracted from the sewer system of Athens. Archaeologists in Florida unearthed a shipwreck that had been hidden beneath within a sand dune on a beach since the 19th century. A survey of the bottom of a lake in Lithuania revealed the remains of a medieval soldier complete with his 16th-century weaponry. And, perhaps most momentous, an art scholar in Italy announced that a newfound sketch of Jesus Christ appears to be a lost work from Renaissance master Leonardo Da Vinci.

In one of those weird quirks of the news cycle, a pair of albino animals from two distinctly different parts of the world made headlines this past week. First, on a wildlife refuge in Kenya, the last known white giraffe was outfitted with a GPS tracker to prevent the incredibly rare creature from poachers after some nefarious individuals killed the only other two such animals earlier this year. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, a woman caught sight of a wondrous albino buck wandering through her backyard and managed to capture some photographs of the majestic creature before it retreated back into the snowy woods.

Easily the remarkable story of the week came by way of Indonesia, where a modest coffin maker wound up becoming an instant millionaire thanks to an incredible stroke of interstellar luck. Josua Hutagalung was working outside of his home when he heard a sudden crash and, upon rushing over to see what caused the commotion, discovered a rather sizeable rock had inexplicably plummeted from the sky, punched a hole through his roof, and was stuck in the mud outside his house. A subsequent examination of the object led to the shocking determination that it was an incredibly rare meteorite valued at a whopping $1.8 million.

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