KIIS Next Up Artist of the Week: Conan Gray

Meet our KIIS Next Up Artist of the Week - Conan Gray! Originally recorded in March of 2020, Conan stopped by the studio to chat about his debut album "Kid Krow," experiencing small town life growing up in Georgetown, TX, Coachella and more!

At the time Conan came by, it was a little under two weeks before his album would eventually drop to critical acclaim. When asked by EJ if he had any thoughts on the project's eventual release, he gave insight into which tracks he was excited for his fans to hear.

I'm really excited for people to hear 'Wish You Were Sober' - it's my favorite song on the album. I'm really excited for people to hear 'Heather' because that's the song that I always cry to. And everyone needs like a good cry every once in's just one of those songs that like, I think a lot of people relate. And basically it's a song that I had written about like, absolutely hating the person that the person that you like is in love with, you know? And you're like 'I hate you.' But you have no reason to hate that person - like, you are completely unbounded to hate that person...but it's also like, you know when you like someone and you're like 'I'll never, never, ever be good enough for you.' I think it's important to recognize that it's an actual thought people have, even if you're like kind of embarrassed to think that.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of tours, events and live performances for artists around the world, Conan was scheduled to appear in his first ever Coachella set. He shared that he's excited for the opportunity, but the gravity of the situation might take a minute to sink in.

I'm excited I mean - Coachella's...just such a landmark thing I think in everyone's career. It seems really surreal, I can't really process that it's actually going to happen. I probably won't believe it until I'm like on-stage peeing myself

Check out Conan's full interview with EJ above and his acoustic performance of 'Maniac' below!

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