Cardi B’s ‘Vogue’ 73 Questions Features Special Cameo From Baby Kulture

Cardi B brought Vogue to the Bronx for a special edition of "73 Questions."

During the famed digital segment, the "Press" rapper talked motherhood, fame, politics, and, of course, music while in her grandmother's home — her favorite place in the world — and with her sleeping daughter Kulture in her arms.

Cardi kicked things off by explaining why her grandmother's apartment means so much to her. "It's always packed with family," she shared. Adding, it's her special getaway from "the chaos of life and work." The 27-year-old rapper went on to chat all things motherhood, revealing the biggest lessons she's learned since becoming a mom, the lessons she hopes to instill in her daughter, and the challenges she's faced since having Kulture.

The next topic on the list was fashion. While she didn't reveal her favorite designer, Cardi did divulge her fashion icons, saying Lady Gaga, Missy Elliott, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez all inspire her with their great senses of style.

After taking about her love of fashion, it was time to discuss music. Cardi though was tightlipped when it came to revealing details about her sophomore album, only saying that it is "spicy" and "controversial."

Midway through the interview, the "YES" rapper FaceTimed her husband Offset, who answered a few questions about his wife. When asked what her best and worst habits were, the Migos rapper didn't hesitate to reveal that the latter, saying the "worst habit she got is being in her phone for 35,000 hours." While Cardi didn't seem too impressed by that answer she was all smiles when he revealed what he thought her best habit is. "Raising culture," Offset said. "She's a great mom and she's doing a great job."

To see the rest of Cardi's "73 Questions," check out the video above!

Photo: Getty Images

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