Sand Sisters LA

Sand Sisters Los Angeles’ Girl Powerful program is a youth empowerment 501(c)3, co-founded by sisters Tedi and Sonya Serge, designed to give female youth the tools to build a strong sense of self. Their mission is to make all girls feel seen, valued and heard. The organization's Girl Powerful philosophy & curriculum is based on socio-emotional learning and is endorsed by L. Edmondson Ed. D.

Sand Sisters Los Angeles mentors predominantly under-served tween girls, ages 8-14, to develop the tools to build a strong sense of self through socio-emotional learning. Sand Sisters designed the Girl Powerful™ curriculum using SEL to help prioritize a balanced life for tween girls and increase their academic performance, social well-being, and build positive self-esteem. The SEL tools are an influence on each girl’s individual foundation that will carry them into a thriving and balanced adulthood. Engage in their online conversation using the hashtag #GirlPowerful

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Tedi and Sonya Serge (Founders)

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