Next Up Artist of the Week: Leon Else

Meet our KIIS Next Up Artist of the Week - Leon Else! The British independent artist, fresh off of releasing back to back singles this summer, joined KIIS FM's EJ in-studio to talk about his musical journey, mental health and more!

If there's only one thing you can take away from Else's music, it's that he wants you to know you're not alone. He stressed to EJ that it's important for him to share his struggles with mental health and self-image through his art, so people experiencing similar things can find community.

Let me just put it out there. I think it's about time people just...don't just tell me you're going through me. Because if I'm that person who's in the a*s-end of nowhere and I don't have someone to talk to, and I don't have a family that wants to support me or is there for me, or I'm getting beaten or anything like that...or bullied. If I'm going on social media and social media is my only connection to the outside world, if you don't have someone to relate to - like, no wonder why there's such record rates of suicide in the youth. No wonder why so many men are suicidal and committing suicide. I think the numbers are crazy at the moment. I think it's more men than women I was reading something the other day...because no one's speaking about it....If I can do it or I can show you what I've done hopefully just fingers crossed it can help one person to go and get the same kind of help and not live the life that I lived for so long. I think that's what I kind of want to do as far as my music. Bring something to it

Watch his full interview above and be sure to check out Leon's acoustic performances of new songs "Change Up" and "Signs" below.

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