San Gabriel Panthers

The San Gabriel Valley Panthers team was established in January of 2018 by Darren Keepers in South Pasadena, California and began team practices in May of 2018. The Panthers began their journey with only four players and one volunteer, but after a lot of hard work, news coverage and word of mouth, the team grew to over twelve players and 5 coaches along with several other volunteers within only four months. The Panthers will be competing in the 2019 Beep Baseball World Series in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The 2019 Beep Baseball World Series will be held July 28-August 4. Southern California will be represented in the National Beep Baseball World Series for the first time in several years. The San Gabriel Valley Panthers are working hard to raise funds and prepare for the long and competitive week of great Beep Baseball. For more information Click Here

Darren Keepers (Founder)



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