Love My Neighbor

Texas native Athena Hayley, has garnered her roots in Los Angeles, CA and formed Love My Neighbor Foundation. The organization helps feed & clothe the Skid Row Homeless population every Thursday from 12PM to 2PM. For two years Haley has dedicated much of her time, collecting & distributing food, clothing, shoes & toiletries to countless homeless men, women & children in Los Angeles.

Love My Neighbor, is not just another foundation giving away food, clothes etc. This foundation is establishing a viable and respectable means for homeless individuals to receive the necessities of life as they regain their way back into society.

Many of the co-volunteers are entertainers or people in the LA entertainment business as Hayley works as a writer, film producer and actress. These individuals in the community realize the plight of the homelessness in Los Angeles, and give countless hours to ensure their impact is more than words by donating resources, volunteering, and financial donations.

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Athena Hayley (Founder/CEO)

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