Kylie Jenner Pregnant Again? Recent Pics Have Fans Sure She Is

Kylie Jenner is not only the world's youngest self-made billionaire, she is also a mom, and that's the role she takes more seriously than anything else. It's also a role she hopes to expand at some point soon. Since having her daughter Stormi with Travis Scott in February of 2018, Kylie has embraced everything about motherhood. In October, she revealed on Snapchat that she wants another baby and unlike how she was with Stormi, she promised not to keep that pregnancy a secret. However, even though she swore she'd be open about it, fans think Kylie might be secretly pregnant again, and they say Stormi is giving the secret away.

This week, the 21-year-old posted a pic of herself lying in a bounce house with little Stormi and captioned it, "My baby is stuck to me like glue lately." She also uploaded a video and in it, she tells her daughter, "You gotta do things without me!" Stormi, comfortably resting on her mom's chest, cutely says, "Yeah."

Fans are certain that the reason Stormi is being so clingy is that she knows her mom is expecting. Apparently, there is an old wives' tale that says babies can sense another child on the way and because of that, the kids get super attached to their mom.

Some were even sure of the second baby's gender:

However, Kylie shot down all the rumors when she was asked about it in the comments:

Then again, she denied things when Stormi was growing inside of her as well. Of course, if you look at Kylie's more recent photos, it's hard to believe there is a baby in there.

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Photo: Getty Images

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