Pauly's Project

Paul Avila’s son, Pauly, born blind and autistic, could only be calmed with the sound of music in his ears. As a young boy, Paul would accompany his mother to downtown Los Angeles to bring food and clothes to his uncle on skid row. Remembering how good he felt when he gave food and clothing to the less fortunate; it was a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling stayed with Paul as he grew up.

Inspired by his son’s reaction to music, Paul, with his own money, purchased radio headsets and distributed them to the homeless on skid row. These headsets seemed to give them the feeling of being connected with the world around them. As the news of his mission spread, Paul started getting more and more resources to purchase more headsets as well as hygiene packages.

Now Paul holds a yearly event, around the holidays, to provide meals, headsets, hygiene products and musical entertainment to the homeless. Stressing the fact that one hundred percent of all donations received by Pauly’s Project goes to the purchase of these essential items. For more info Click Here .

Paul Avila (Founder)


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