Single Moms Planet

Single Moms Planet is dedicated to uplifting under-resourced children, by educating their mothers. Building one strong family at a time.

They  do this through comprehensive programs of mentorship financial aid, family counseling and entrepreneurial training. Single Moms Planet provides support, accountability, and HOPE.

Single Moms Planet was founded by model, tv personality, and television producer Neferteri Plessy. As a divorcee with two young sons from her five-year marriage, she felt firsthand the unique challenges that face single mothers. After her divorce, she struggled like many new single moms to find balance, identity, self-fulfillment, and financial security. Like most single moms, first and foremost among her concerns was her children and how to ensure a happy stable life for them. Neferteri began to research the effects of single motherhood, and through her studies, she learned that over one-third of all children in America are being raised by single mothers for more info Click Here 

Neferteri Plessy ( Founder)



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