Listen To Ryan's Roses: 'Antonia's Daughter's Husband'

Antonia wrote into the show asking for us to call her daughter's husband because she had a bad feeling that he may be cheating... so we went ahead and called Roberto to see if he would send the flowers to his wife, Lily.

Before making the call, Sisanie admitted that she gets worried when there is a "third party" involved (aka, a mom) because she worries that the other half of the couple has no idea their spouse could be cheating.

SO, we called Roberto, and he sends the flowers to his wife Lily - yay! When he writes the note, he says he is so excited for a "little you."

And that's where things got interesting. Listen back:

Roberto revealed to Antonia that she was going to be a grandmother all by accident, and this call ended up being an incredibly happy moment. 

Antonia was more than thrilled to hear that she was going to be a grandmother, and then we offered to give Roberto and Lily a crib in celebration of their bundle of joy!

Much better news than finding out he was cheating... phew!

Tomorrow we check in on the new family and see how they are doing post-baby!

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