Speech Association (SLEA)

SLEA has successfully supported an autistic child from isolation to directly relating to their surroundings, demonstrate more appropriate social skills and learning to see the world from third to first person. The relationship between SLEA Staff and this student is heart-warming to watch as this child is able to be more independent in and outside the school environment.

CELF is non-profit comprised of professionals in the field of Special Education; Child Development Specialists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Education Specialists, Occupational and Physical Therapists and Behaviorists.  All with graduate degrees in their different areas of expertise, and all with research, teaching and training experience.  We are in a unique position to train staff, other professionals and families to acquire a better understanding of the multitude of special needs of a population from infancy into adulthood.

 Helen Wade, CEO of SLEA / CELF

 Olga Reyes, Director of Operations

 Denise Ruiz, Director of Human Resources


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