Work Your Luck This Friday the 13th With a New Tattoo!

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Many tattoo shops will take the Friday the 13th "unlucky day" and turn it into an actual tattoo holiday! Shops will typically offer a flash sheet with pre-selected designs crafted by the artists at that location. Depending on the style of the shop, you'll get different styles of tattoos, and different numbers of choices. 

Some shops will offer you the option to come prepared with your own small design, but be sure to get to those locations early as they are typically much more crowded than others!

Timeless Tattoo

738 N. Vine St

FINAL Friday the 13th sheet. Changes were made. Last page is OUTLINE ONLY NO SHADING. The two other pages: 3 color or black and gray. No hands, neck, ribs, face or fingers. CASH ONLY 31$ . Open at 11am, no appointments. We stop taking names around 7:30 pm. Size they are on the sheet ranges from 1-3”.

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Timeless Tattoo had been serving up some amazing deals and designs for Friday the 13th for a long time now. Offering a wide variety of designs and styles every holiday, this shop is sure to have something for everyone. You can check out their flash sheets ahead of time and be sure to get a tattoo for $31 this Friday.

This location is also offering $13 piercings! So, if a tattoo isn't in the cards for you, the shop can still offer you something equally amazing, at another amazing price.


7216 Melrose Ave

Friday the 13th special!!! ANYTHING YOU WANT TO GET DONE! 2"x2 OR 3"x 1”1/2 FOR $31!!! PIERCING SPECIAL JUST THE PRICE OF JEWELRY!! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! Must be over 18 with a valid ID no appointments will be taken that day. Cannot choose artist! must have art reference ready to go Please be prepared! . Doors open at NOON! Tattoos start at NOON! We will be handing out Wristbands at NOON with a number! ONE wristband per person! we will be posting numbers on Instagram you DO NOT have to wait at the shop just Watch Instagram for your number! once your number is called/posted you get tattooed. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED !!!!! If your wristband is broken it is NOT VALID NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Also we will be handing out poker chips worth $31 OFF One per person CANNOT be combined with any other discount *** if you receive a wristband and do NOT get tattooed can use your poker chip for $31 off your next tattoo*** will tattoo as many people as possible from 12pm the 13th to 8am 14th it will be a long day make sure you bring plenty of water snacks chairs umbrellas and a really good ATTITUDES! Will have 18 artist this year to try and get to as many people as possible Follow @generation8tattoo Instagram to keep updated on the event. • • • piercing by• @theallendabbs • • •Hosted by @elizawinn • • Artist for the event• @davehtattoos @estiloraps_tattoos @joshuakoestertattoos @chawat__ @chuckrocks @chontattoos @dotwork_inkstudio @hiro_cwtattoo @inkd_monkey @noodletattoo @urielleon @lickitytatz @jphantattoo @jmiart @burintattoo @narongdate.k @bigclinttattoos • Event security @hermosa_kidd • Event security @reyes1320 • Event manager @straightgrizzly Shop manager @punkxtattoo Shop manager Eve Shop Manager @reupstattoo Shop manager @nick_arroyo23 Shop manager @ohmycassie shop manager @_tararosie shop manager @garagediaries shop manager @jhaly • • #tattooshop #tattoo #ca #california #Family #ink #rosetattoo #tattoo #tattooart #instagood #instagramer #instagramhub #blackwork #dotwork #inked #losangeles #melrose #beverlyhills #hollywood #art #is #lifestyle #fineart #finelinetattoo #tattoo #tattooart #tattooink #tattoostyle #loveyourself #friday

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Generation8 is one of the few tattoo shops that allow you to get your own design at a discounted price on Friday the 13th without sacrificing the quality! The only catch is that you have size limitations. This location can get pretty crazy because of the freedom you have with your lucky tattoo, so be sure to get there as early as possible! Check out all the info above!

Body Art & Soul Tattoo

2815 West Sunset Blvd. Ste. 202

Here it is...the larger tattoo FLASH SHEET slightly more $$ but a great price too! $80.00 total!!!!! Exclusive to only arms, legs, shoulders NO EXCEPTIONS. first come first serve. 12-9pm. #lovetattoos #excitingtattoospecial #wowtattoos #specialtattoo$ #little$tattoos #tattoosforyou #bodyartspecials #friday13th #fridaythe13thtattoo #fridaythe13specials!!!!! #armtattoos #legtattoospecial #shouldertattoospecials #special13thtattoos #flash #flashsheet #silverlaketattoospecials #inkedspecials #lovetattoos #💀 #👁 #🐱 #🐸 #tattooflashsheet2 #fridayspecial #13th! #tattooed #tattooart #tattooart #tattoospecial #losangeles #fridaytattoospecial

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Though the designs are slightly more expensive, head on over to Body Art & Soul Tattoo on Sunset Blvd for some very illustrative tattoos! You can get color or black and grey, but either way, you'll be able to walk away with a tattoo with a personality that matches your own.

Suerte Tattoos

918 San Pedro St

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Another location that can surely satisfy all desired tattoo styles! For Friday the 13th, Suerte Tattoos has each individual artist create their own flash sheet with designs unique to each artist and their own style. Check out all the flash sheets on their Instagram!

Ink Monkey Tattoo and Piercing

2417 Lincoln Blvd

One of many Friday the 13th flash sheets...this one is done by Rey @imsorryifithurts $31+$9 tip. Cash only. Please read older post for rules/details. #inkmonkey #inkmonkeytattoo #inklife #inkedguys #inkforguys #inked #inkedgirls #tattooed #tattoosforwomen #newtattoo #tattoosforgirls #tattoosociety #tattoosforguys #tattooshop #tattoos #tattoosformen #tattoo #venice #venicebeach #tattooart #art #tattoooftheday #tattoosofinstagram #fridaythe13th #fridaythe13thtattoos #frithe13th #fridaythe13thtattoo #tattoospecials

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Much like our previous location, Ink Monkey tattoo in Venice offers several flash sheets offered by the various artists in the shop! Prices also start at $31 per tattoo with a $9 tip (a complete steal)! Here are some designs by one of the artists, but make sure to check out all the other flash sheets on the shops Instagram.

These are just some of the many notable tattoo shops that offer sweet deals for Friday the 13th! Be sure to check out some other locations across the city and make the most of your lucky day.



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