Sabrina Carpenter Talks 'Almost Love' Reaction And New Album at 2018 RDMAs!

Sabrina Carpenter is ready for her big break. At the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards she met up with Tanya Rad to talk about everything from her look for the night, fan reactions to single 'Almost Love,' and her upcoming studio album 'Singular.' 

Head to toe in a pink vintage Versace outfit, Sabrina Carpenter revealed that the positive fan reaction to the song she debuted earlier this summer at iHeartRadio's Wango Tango has been completely unexpected. 

"I think for me, when I listen to the song I was a little bit like 'wow.' I knew it sounded like me and I think that's probably why I was so surprised. Why wasn't this what I've been doing the whole time? Then you realize it's a part of your growth and it's a part of how you get there. It feels so good when you are there and you feel comfortable with yourself."

Her third studio album 'Singular' drops on an as of yet undisclosed date this winter. An interesting difference between this body of work and music she's put out in the past, is that she's co-written every single song that's set to be included in the project. Sabrina revealed that this album will have more songs than any she's put out in the past and she's involved down to the mixing process of her songs. She has complete creative control. 

The 'Thumbs' singer also let us know she draws inspiration from fellow performer Bruno Mars. At last year's iHeartRadio Music Awards, she realized how much she related to Bruno's desire to keep on topping himself as his career moves forward. 

"At the iHeartAwards I remember Bruno Mars saying, like after he'd finished this incredible performance, he was like 'just getting started!' And I was like - that was after he had already won Grammys. I think that put a lot in perspective for me. You're always just getting started. That's how you should always think about it.

Sabrina Carpenter to Debut New Song "Almost Love" at Wango Tango - Thumbnail Image

Sabrina Carpenter to Debut New Song "Almost Love" at Wango Tango

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