Next Up Artist of the Week: Mackenzie Nicole

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Singer/songwriter Mackenzie Nicole is our Next Up Artist of the Week! 

So this is weird but i guess here we are. the album ( my album, #theedge) is officially out. thank you guys for making today a wonderful day. we are officially #18 on @itunes pop charts- for my first attempt at doing an album, i'd say we did pretty good 🖤 all of you who listened and supported, THANK YOU. all of you who made this project possible, THANK YOU. i love you all too much.

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Mackenzie Nicole has always had an ambitious drive to bring her very own unique style to the pop music genre. Her music covers topics such as internet bullying, pride in being an individual, and the confrontation of heartbreak. Her passion for music beams through her lyrics heard in the album, " The Edge". 

In 2015, she signed with record label Strange Music Inc. after she was discovered by the label's cofounder and rapper, Tech N9ne. Nicole's first single, "Actin Like You Know" featured Tech N9ne and began her introduction as an individual artist. With her music video for "Deleted" reaching over 1 million views on YouTube, Nicole knew it was time to produce an album. 

i wrote in the same composition notebook from 2014 to 2017. there it is. i miss it. i've been scratching lyrics on random notepads and scratch paper ever since. (photo circa 2016)

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