Service Dog Gives Birth To Puppies At An Airport

Service Dog Births Puppies At Airport  Passengers got a surprise this weekend while they were waiting to board a flight at the Tampa airport, when a service dog, who was also boarding, became a mother! The two-year-old golden retriever, Elle, was set to board a flight to Philadelphia with her owner when all of a sudden she went into labor.

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Elle caused quite the scene when other passengers realized what was happening. Although everyone gave the dog some space, many people almost missed their flights because they were so drawn to the beautiful moment. The dog gave birth to 8 puppies with the help of Tampa Fire & Rescue. The whole ordeal took about 4 hours. It's not yet clear why the dog was traveling while pregnant. Congratulations to Elle! 

 Should the dog not have been traveling in the first place? What's the craziest thing you've seen while traveling?

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