A Group of Friends are Making Tortillas with Selena's Face on Them

We've seen many foods that just so happen to be in the shape of celebrities and sometimes Jesus. 

But on these San Antonio tortillas, you can actually see the real face of Selena. 

Remezcla discovered a group of friends down in Texas who were printing famous faces on tortillas. The friends use a laser cutter to carve in such images as Darth Vader, Selena, and the San Antonio Spurs logo into tortillas.

The inventor Joseph Lopez wrote on his Instagram: “It all started out when we were talking about our abuelitas and tias seeing images on their tortillas. Then @andrizzy had the idea to put images on tortillas and Jeremy Zunker helped us make it all happen with the use of a laser cutter @10bitworks . It was a crazy ride for the next couple months after making a mobile tortilla laser rig for @luminariasa with the help of @johnfrazee. Good times for sure.”

The website says that these tortillas are not meant to be eaten, and I'm guessing that it's probably because of the laser they use to carve the images. 

Although you can't eat them, they're still fun to look at!

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