M&M's Has Three New Potential Flavors That You Can Vote On


M&M's has been creating many new concoctions over the past few years. From peanut butter to crunchy to pretzel, there seems to be a flavor for everybody.

The candy company is expanding their empire even more to add three new flavors: Crunchy Mint, Crunchy Raspberry, and Crunchy Espresso. Hmmmm... interesting.


While all three of these flavors are in stores right now, there is a catch. 

In Survivor-style elimination, only one of these flavors will survive the long haul and become a permanent flavor for 18-months, while the other two will be eliminated, never to bee seen again. 

It all depends on you. 


You can go out and try the flavors, determine which one is your favorite, and then vote on the online ballot for which one you want to stay. Voting is open until May 25th.

So, let's break down the flavors so that you can be an informed voter. 

According to Food&Wine, each flavor is covered in dark chocolate and filled with a "rice crisp center," but Raspberry has a normal crunch and the other two flavors have a cocoa crunch.


The winner will be announced in August, so be a responsible voter, try all three flavors, and cast your vote for your personal favorite. 

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