Amazon May Open Cashierless Store In LA This Year

After the extreme public interest in Amazon Go's first cashierless store in Seattle, the company plans to expand their reach with more locations this year. They are reportedly in talks to open more Go stores in Seattle, as well as one at The Grove in LA! 

They are planning to open as many as six new stores this year. According to CNBC, the Los Angeles location is not yet confirmed, but businessman and developer Rick Caruso has definitely been in talks with Amazon about it.


Amazon Go stores are famous for being a grab-and-go format, where you simply pick up the items and carry them out because you have already been automatically charged. Amazon calls this the "just walk out" shopping experience.

Their website states that "Just Walk Out Technology automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart." 

You scan the Amazon Go app on your smart phone to enter the store, and then it tracks your every move. It is kind of creepy, but very convenient when you're on a mission. When you're all done shopping you will be charged with a virtual receipt!

Considering how busy supermarkets can be, especially in LA, this would really come in handy! No more waiting in long lines to get out of the store, no fumbling around with money or credit cards and no dealing with people.


Amazon Go's first store opened to the public last month and has been a success. According to USA Today, most shoppers are able to grab their lunch and leave in under two minutes!

What do you think of the cashierless stores? They may be the future of shopping, ultimately putting cashiers out of a job. Hopefully the LA location becomes a reality and we can test this out ourselves!


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