What Is Mary-Kate and Ashley's Odd Hand Squeeze?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been huge designers running their own fashion empire for years, and they have mainly stepped out of the spotlight by avoiding acting recently. A sighting of the two can be a rare occasion.

When they were spotted at New York Fashion Week showing off their clothing line "The Row," the twins performed a small gesture that had many fans confused and curious: they squeezed each other's hands, but in a very deliberate and quick way.


While fans were initially confused by the motion, Mary-Kate and Ashley had a purpose and knew exactly what they were doing.

According to Oh No They Didn't!, in an interview with E! News in 1999, Mary-Kate revealed that her and her twin use hand squeezes to show their affection. Three squeezes means "I love you," and four squeeze back means "I love you, too."

Looking back at the video after knowing this, we can totally see it! 


So there you have it — the two may have been speaking their own language. This really comes as no surprise though. The twins have always been together through every one of their endeavors, whether that is starring in their own movies or creating a world-renowned fashion line. 

Most twins are close, but these two have practically lived the same exact lives. The Olsen twins have been a household name since they were infants starring as Michelle on Full House in 1987!


Being on the same wavelength enough to send your love through a simple squeezing motion is some serious twin-telepathy.

What do you think of Mary-Kate and Ashley's hand squeezing? Is it a weird way to communicate or an easy way for them to show their love for one another?

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