The Real Meaning Behind Ed Sheeran's "End Game" Verse


Although Taylor Swift has always had a reputation of revealing parts of her love life in her music, no one realized Ed Sheeran revealed parts of his own love life as well in their hit song "End Game."

Ed Sheeran sings, "This end game is the one / With four words on the tip of my tongue / You know what phrase has four words? Will you marry me?"

As if Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's friendship wasn't already goals, we've recently discovered that Ed actually met his fiancee, Cherry Seaborn, in high school then brought her to Swift's annual 4th of July party which is where their relationship started. The two hit it off and recently announced their engagement on January 20th, 2018. 


This behind the scenes look at the End Game music video set features Swift bringing up the lyrics Sheeran wrote about his fiancee and taking credit for their relationship starting at her very own house. (2:25-3:18) "The story was I was at Taylor's party and then, a girl I went to school with who's pretty cool, ended up being in Rhode Island. I was like Taylor, can she turn up? You were like "yep" and here we are." Sheeran shares. "Uh, she's the coolest." Swift adds. So cute!



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