New Emojis Are On The Way!

157 new emojis are coming to iOS and Android! Redheads rejoice — you'll finally get your own emojis.

The new collection of emojis has everything from a wider variety of hairstyles (including curly or bald), to a display of superheroes and villains, according to CNN.

There is a llama, raccoon, hippo, kangaroo, mosquito... basically everything you could ever imagine. The party face emoji is bound to be a hit, and the cupcake emoji has been much needed for years! Your "happy birthday" texts are about to be upgraded to the next level.

Check out a photo of all the new emojis!


Although their exact release date hasn't been announced, these new emojis are expected to come to phones later this year.

Once these new emojis are released, there will be 2,823 total to choose from. 

In addition to these normal iOS and Android emojis, many celebrities have jumped in and created their own personal emoticons for fans to use.


Kim Kardashian-West released her first set of Kimojis in December 2015. The Kimojis showcase a wide variety of emotions, with everything from Kim with devil horns to Kim's infamous crying face.


Her Kimojis were such a huge success that they crashed the Apple app store on release day!


Ariana Grande's Arimoji collection was released in October 2017. It's full of cute emoticons of all of Grande's iconic looks, with everything from her Dangerous Woman album cover to her long blue coat from the "Everyday" music video.


NiallMojis were also released in October 2017. The "Too Much To Ask" singer put out a variety of emojis, including some with his guitar and others of him in his glasses. There is even a NiallMoji of the singer with a rose between his teeth!


And there are SO many more celebrities who have released their own emojis! While we wait for the 157 official new emojis, these will be tiding us over.

But... we really need that lobster emoji that's coming out. We don't know why, but we do.

New Emojis are Coming Soon!
New Emojis are Coming Soon!
All the llama, peacock, and badger emojis you're heart desires!


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