Another Boy Trapped In a Claw Machine Gets Rescued

A young boy in Florida wanted a toy from a claw machine, but he didn't exactly take the normal route to get it. He crawled inside the machine, but got stuck inside its glass walls.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, an off-duty firefighter named Jeremy House was having dinner in the restaurant and saw the incident happening. After calling 911, Lieutenant House was joined by his colleagues who helped rescue the boy from the inside of the game. 

It only took the firefighters five minutes to rescue Mason, and they even let him keep the toy that he had been striving for. They said that Mason never appeared to be in distress, but rather very calm as he sat on top of the stuffed animals as they got him out.


Battalion Chief Gregory Sutton told The Associated Press, "he went in, but obviously he couldn't come back out the same way."

The Titusville Fire and Emergency Services posted about the event and noted that they didn't expect their next mission to be anything like this one!


The incident took place at Beef O'Brady's restaurant in Titusville, Florida. 

However, this isn't the first time that something like this has happened. There are plenty of stories and videos of children who climbed in the exact same way Mason did — however, some of them did not remain as calm as him.


But on the opposite spectrum, there are some kids who appeared to be having the time of their life while inside the game. This little girl even refused to come out! However, she managed to get herself right back out the way she came in. She even tried to steal some toys to take for the road.


We're glad Mason made it out okay!


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