Cancer Me Not

Cancer Me Not Inc. is organized in Thousand Oaks and Moorpark, California, and it has served and will continue to serve this local community. The mission of Cancer Me Not Inc. is to improve, increase, and propagate information, facts, and statistics regarding the quality of life, stages, involvement, and any beneficial knowledge for cancer survivors and its families and friends through (past, present and future).

Creating and establishing safe, trustworthy, reliable source of information to improve and increment knowledge of life with cancer, cancer survivors, and cancer support for those that have lost the battle, are fighting, and will continue to fight; and their families. Vision:Cancer Me Not Inc. will become known as a leading non-profit provider of knowledge and go-to source for information and support for Cancer patients, survivors, and their families in Southern California. Creating and nourishing as a reputable organization as well as a successful and sustainable foundation.

Daniel Mastas (Founder)


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