Jaws & Paws

Jaws & Paws is a non-profit organization founded in 2013, whose mission is to spread awareness for the conservation of endangered keystone species that maintain a healthy balance in their ecosystems. Although our goal is to spread awareness to government, the media, and people entirely, we specifically aim to reach young adults and children by promoting education through schools, social media, internet/television campaigns, summer camps, and other influential platforms to prepare the next generation to advocate for these critical species. We believe that not only will the future rest with the next generation, but that they have a profound ability to affect change now.By providing youth with knowledge about environmental protection in relation to keystone species, we believe that they will be more conscious about conservation throughout their entire lifetimes. At Jaws & Paws we also aim to raise funds to fuel each of our individual projects for hands on work involving research, sustainability, government attention, and the development of PSA’s. 


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