Helping Hands Resource Center

Helping Hands Resource Center is the outreach to Canoga Park Foursquare Church. Our violence prevention program helps others gain awareness and education. We also provide a donation room, and it's ready to serve anyone in need. We also have resources and classes that help others grow. Our groups are designed to help others learn about themselves and how to regain their self-esteem. Lots of creative activities are provided. Art is a beautiful way that we can use to heal. We are also providing parenting classes and a new way of connecting to our children. After abuse things can become difficult, learning tools of grounding, compassion and love can help us learn about our triggers and how to stop them. It is possible to have a new way of life after abuse. God has given us all unique ways to heal the world, allow him to use you in a mighty way. Help us to bring helping hands to other places.

The mission of Helping Hands is to give back to families that have been affected by the plague of domestic violence. Our mission begins by giving these families the basic necessities needed to move forward and rebuild their lives. We have built a safe place where together, we can form a community of healed people.

Founder (Karen Gonzalez)

Helping Hands

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