Starbucks Released Four Specialty Teas

Flu season is among us and what better way to fight off the flu or cold with some good hot tea at least that's what my mama says! Starbucks released a series of teas that are packed with vitamins and organic ingredients that will boost your immune system. They are a total of four new flavors ,

* Teavana Citrus Defender : Steamed lemonade hot water and honey.

*Teavana Comfort Wellness Tea : Blend of ginger, spearmint & peppermint.

*Teavana Rev Up Wellness Tea : Blend of second-flush Darjeeling black tea, green tea.

*Teavana Defense Wellness Tea : Blend of white tea, blackberry leaves & amaranth grains.

These all sound like they will be good for you so maybe we need to start drinking up and sometimes when we head over to Starbucks maybe a cup of coffee isn't what we need and it's always a good time to have some tea.

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