New App That Let's You Video Chat With Your Pet !!


Parting is such sweet sorrow especially in the mornings when I'm heading to work and I have to leave my babies I can hear them crying when I lock my door. And leave it to technology to fix that cause now you can video chat with your pet, it's called the Petcube App and it's really cool it's available on both iOS and Android and what it does is it monitors your pet through out the day.

How does this work you ask, well what it will do is that it will snap a selfie of your dog or cat when they are in front of the camera, and that will also turn on the video capability, then be sent to your phone via the Petcube app, and you'll have the option to accept or reject this is seriously too cute I might just have to try it cause I'm always missing my  Chester and Foxy and that way I don't feel so bad leaving them .

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