Twitter Reacts to "UFO" Over Los Angeles

UFO or SpaceX Satellite? 

On the night of December 22nd 2017 people all around Los Angeles took to social media to report some strange activity in the sky. An unidentified flying object surrounded by a mysterious blue cloud flew over the city and pictures documenting its existence flooded Twitter. 

Some people were convinced an alien invasion was about to commence...and others rolled their eyes and kept on scrolling. 


Unfortunately for all the Ancient Aliens fans out there - the "UFO" theory was swiftly debunked and the latter was confirmed. The object was actually SpaceX's Falcon 9 booster rocket that supported 10 satellites and launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California around 5:30PM PT. 

However as with anything - the people of Twitter always have something to say. Check out some of the best reactions below: 


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