Vine Is Back In Action With Vine 2!

Where's all my Viners out there? Could it be our once favorite video platform will be making a come back?!  Co-founder of the short-video app Vine leaked a little hint of a new logo on his twitter, "Vine 2"!!!


 He's been talking about creating a newer version of Vine for quite sometime and has finally teased what hes been working on--Vine 2! Just imagine the capabilities of the crazy, hilariously-fun videos will be on this new Vine 2?!

 I feel ever since Vine came out, it sparked creativity in everyone. We've even had people become famous off of their Vine's, "Vine stars." Now that social media has taken off with different platforms, like Instagram and Snapchat, the limits are literally endless.


Vine 2 may still take a bit to take off since the co-founder is self-funding it, but hes said Vine 2 to be released in 2018!

Vine previously was bought by Twitter before it took off, ran its course and sadly ended in 2016. To avoid interference with investors, he decided to take full control of it this time. I can't wait to see how this new app will influence the social media world. Does Snapchat have to be worried? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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