Snapchat Has A New Update!

Oh snap! We spoke, they listened--Snapchat now keeps so social & media separate!

By opening up on the camera to instantly snap, we now swipe left to connect with just our friends in the "Dynamic Friends Page" and swipe right for all stories, media and publications, called the "Discover Page." We can organize our new 'dynamic friends page' with putting our friends in the order we wish to connect. So no more scrolling forever until we find our BFF or favorite snapping buddy! Plus, it opens in the way we usually connect to that specific friend; whether snapping pics or through direct messaging, it's all ready to go. Super easy!


Snapchats idea for the 'discover page' was made so it will eventually filter itself based on you, your interests, and only show what you're specifically into. The update was designed to relieve some of the clutter (news, stories etc.) that we face on the internet, make it more personalized and to enhance the Snapchat user experience. Thanks Snapchat! 

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