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The Long Way Back: The Story of Todd “Z-Man” Zalkins

Film Synopsis:

After losing his friend Bradley Nowell to a heroin overdose, Todd Zalkins aka "Z-MAN" fights for his life in what will become the worst drug crisis in American history, the opioid epidemic. Against all odds, Todd is able to break a seventeen-year addiction to prescription painkillers and dedicate his life to helping others who struggle with addiction. In a twist of fate, Todd is presented with an opportunity to help Bradley Nowell's son Jakob battle his own addiction with drugs and alcohol. A story of redemption and recovery, The Long Way Back shatters the stigma associated with prescription painkiller addiction and offers a strong message of hope and awareness.

The Nowell Family Foundation

Mission Statement:

The Nowell Family Foundation is raising funds to open Bradley’s House, a six-bed recovery facility that will provide treatment for men in the music industry with opiate addiction regardless of their financial situation. The goal is to offer a top level of clinical care, including medical detox and the ability to treat the most acute cases, by the end of 2018 through nationwide partnerships.


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