Five Things That Always Go On Sale In November..

Can you believe it we are already in the month of November and before you know it Christmas and the New Year, I am so not ready for this but I am always ready for a good bargain. Here are some deals that will have you save some extra bucks this month from a car to groceries.

1) Halloween Costumes & Decorations get that stuff and save it for next year!

2) Cars did you know that they always go on sale in November because dealerships have to make room for next years models, so go score a great deal hey maybe even bargain with the salesman.

3) Kitchen Appliances & Cookware, places like Bed, Bath & Beyond want to get you in their stores for Thanksgiving .

4) Groceries most groceries stores want you to do your Thanksgiving shopping with them and they want you to get it done , they mark down stuff and stuff that you need did you know that some stores even offer free turkeys? yeah 

5) TV's so black friday is always the day when we want to score a good deal on that big flat screen TV but if you look in the right stores you can get good deals all month long 

Happy shopping and let's get this Christmas shopping done early I'm so all for that!

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