10 Insane Jack-o'-Lanterns You Need To See!

It's National Pumpkin Day!  Here are some crazy creative jack-o'-lanterns that will make you want to throw your triangle eyed pumpkin in the trash.

1. The 'Boo-Paul' pumpkin


2. The R2D2 pumpkin


3. The 'Beauty and the Pumpkin' 


4. The 'Edgar Allen Poe-mpkin'


5. The 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- out pumpkins"


6. The 'Eye See You' Pumpkin


7. The 'Merry Go-Round' Pumpkin


8. The "Demogorgan" pumpkin


9. The 'Literal Work of Art' pumpkin


10. The 'I Have Too Much Time on My Hands' pumpkin



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