Community Council: A21 Walk For Freedom

How do we fight human trafficking? ONE STEP AT A TIME! Last year’s Walk for Freedom was a tremendous success!

It was the largest human trafficking awareness event to date with over 300 walks in 40 countries around the world!

This year’s Walk For Freedom is October 14, 2017 – mark your calendar and join us!

Walk for Freedom is a powerful way to spread awareness that human trafficking is happening across the globe as well as raise money for the A21 Campaign. Walk For Freedom’s signature attention-grabbing factor is a single-file line of participants dressed in black with tape across their mouths. The walk exists to reflect A21’s heart for freedom and justice, and it is ultimately designed to turn awareness into action.

This year Walk For Freedom will cover more ground and create more awareness than ever before. We will shake the very foundation of slavery. In Los Angeles, we will walk past Hollywood icons as we bring the message of freedom to people visiting from around the world.


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