Katy Perry Doesn't Play when it Comes to Costumes

Katy Perry does not take Halloween, or dressing up lightly. Every year she surprises the world with her creative, funny, sometimes cheesy costumes. If you're struggling with what to be this Halloween here are some Katy Perry inspired costumes. 

Perry dressed as a fairy for the 2015 H&M Dress to Give campaign. Although you don't have to wear the sequined dress, nice pair of wigs and a wand will do the trick. 


The same year Perry  dressed as something more dramatic..she was a mic drop. 


For Halloween 2014 Katy Perry went with a hotter costume and was dressed as a Hot Cheeto. 


Perry was celebrating National Look-a-Like Day by posting this photo of her and Guy Fieri. Looks like there are two Mayors of Flavortown!


Not only did Katy Perry endorse Hilary Clinton, she dressed up as her! Her ex boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, was dressed as Bill Clinton. Dedication right?


Can't wait to see what she'll be this year! 



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