Bruno Mars' Most Fashionable Moments

Bruno Mars is turning 31 this year, and he has blessed the world with bangers; Uptown Funk, 24K Magic, Treasure! The list goes on, but instead of honoring Bruno as the amazing artist he is, let's admire his style. If ya don't believe just watch. 

Even as a child he had style! In an Instagram throwback Bruno posted this photo of his younger self wearing a leather jacket and pompadour. Mars was a big fan of Elvis back in the day so that explains the voluminous hair!


What to wear when performing for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show? Tommy Hilfiger from head to toe. Bruno gave his silk outfits a rest for the night while he dressed up for the occasion. Let's not forget the pinky ring. What else will he hold up to the moon? 


While some people may go into a panic when deciding what to wear when meeting a world famous fashion designer, Bruno Mars does not. A gold silk outfit when meeting Donatella Versace is the best choice. 


Red button down shirt + black pants + expensive jewelry= the perfect look!


Even wearing nothing at all he still looks good! 


There you go. From suits to silk everything Bruno Mars can pull off any look. #blessed



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