10 Handbags We Hope to NEVER See Again

It's National Handbag Day! Some handbags are cheap, some are expensive. Some make an outfit work, and some just make us cringe. Here are some handbags we hope to never see again. 

1. Fanny packs. Do they classify as handbags? Regardless we want them gone. 


2. Heeled purses? This shouldn't have happened. 


3. Purses in the shape of dogs. Just no. 


4. Dogs AS purses. Who thought this would be a good idea? 


5. A chicken bag. What outfit goes well with poultry?  


6. Literal hand bags. How would this even work? 


7. Gas mask bags. This is terrifying.


8. This fruit purse. Fruit is for eating not fashion.


9. The can purses. What can possibly fit in there?


10. The denim skirt purse. When your skirts don't fit anymore turn them into purses... or not!



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