Happy Birthday Gwen Stefani!

Gwen Stefani's style has never been described as 'basic.' As the rockabilly artist turns 48 this year, we reflect on her style throughout her career; from the pink hair to The Voice looks. 

1970's: Even as a child Gwen loved getting dressed up. In an Instagram throwback, Gwen posted this photo of her younger self getting ready for Easter. 


1980's: In an Instagram throwback with her brother, and former band mate, Eric Stefani, Gwen shows that she has always been a fan of 'vintage looks' along with her bright blonde hair. 


Early 1990's Gwen: Throwing it back to when Gwen first entered the music scene as lead singer to the band, No Doubt. "I always did my own makeup for live shows,” Stefani told PeopleStyle. “It was my process, that hour-and-a-half of putting on my makeup, it was what made me ready to get up there and get on stage.”


No Doubt era: Let's not forget the pink hair. 


2006: At the release of her new single, "Sweet Escape," Stefani left her vibrant hair colors and settled with a platinum blonde and red lips. “Red lipstick is always something [that] makes me look glamorous,” the singer told PeopleStyle. “I feel pulled together when I wear it.”


2014: Stefani has always been a rockabilly fan, and she carried that style with her into the early 2010's. The singer told People“I love retro, I don't want to feel like I am coming out of a cartoon, although I do love looking like a cartoon.”  


Now: Gwen Stefani is now a mixture of her past looks while still experimenting with the new. Stefani still has her platinum blonde hair with red lips, but now she's maintaining a more classic look that will withstand the waves of fashion. 



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