Happy Birthday Halsey!

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, or Halsey as the world knows her, grew up in New Jersey and became an overnight sensation. Literally. According to Rolling Stone, Halsey posted her song 'Ghost' onto SoundCloud at 10:00PM and by 3:00AM five record labels contacted her. Her overnight rise to fame never stopped Halsey from experimenting different looks and styles. Here are some looks Halsey absolutely SLAYED. 

Look 1: Halsey started out in 2014 and she was known for her long blue hair. However the blue hair was cut short. Wait for it...


Look 2: She shaved her head! After realizing she didn't want her blue hair to be her identifier, Halsey shaved her head! This made the world see her as a person and not her recent hairstyle.


Look 3: Halsey before she performed on the NME BBC Radio 2 Stage. This is post-shaved hair so this made it easier for her to experiment with different wigs! 


Look 4: Many people don't know that Halsey is half African American, and whenever she wants a break from her wigs she sports her natural curls. Which look amazing!


Look 5: When she performed at the IHeartVillage Festival this Fall with her natural hair. While she did look amazing, her performance out shined her hair. If you want to see more Halsey or other performances from the IHeartVillage Festival click here. 


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