Happy Wife Appreciation Day!

In honor of National Wife Appreciation Day, we'd like to spotlight some of Hollywood's better halves who shine just as bright (if not brighter), than their partners. 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend met on the set of his music video Stereo. Teigen told Cosmopolitan magazine, ""I’m not going to lie. We hooked up. [And then when he went on tour] I left him by himself for a while," she said. "I played it cool for a long time. Never once did I ask, ‘What are we?’ Marriage was never my goal, because I’ve never been very traditional. I was just happy to be with him." Teigen and Legend are now married with a one year old daughter named Luna.

Jenna Dewan Tatum met the Magic Mike star, Channing Tatum, on the set of Step Up in 2006. What was once an on screen relationship turned into a off screen marriage! Tatum was hesitant to be with Dewan and she made it clear if he wants to stay single he can, but she wanted a relationship. Three days later he knocked on her hotel room door saying he wanted to be with her. The two married in 2009 and have a four year old daughter named Everly. They keep continue to dance, and often take each other's routine!

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham met in 1990's at the peak of The Spice Girls. In letter to her 18 year old self, Victoria Beckham says,"Love at first sight does exist. It will happen to you in the Manchester United players’ lounge – although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy. While the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David standing aside with his family. He’s going to ask for your number. (He still has the London-to-Manchester plane ticket on which you wrote it.)" 

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi married in 2008 and are one of Hollywood's cutest couples. The two met backstage at VHI's Big in '04 Awards. "Ellen took my breath away," de Rossi later told The Advocate. "That had never happened to me in my life, where I saw somebody and experienced all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry. My knees were weak." 

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