The Good Looking Evolution of Nick Jonas

Age 7: Nick Jonas was in the Broadway production of A Christmas Carol, playing Tiny Tim. He went on to perform in other Broadway productions such as Le Mis, Beauty and the Beast, and Annie Get Your Gun. Look at that level of confidence! 

Age 15: The height of the Jonas Brothers band. Nick Jonas was sporting the long curly locks, interesting scarves, and purity ring...that he will soon ditch. (;

2007 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Age 16: The Camp Rock ages: where Nick Jonas befriends fellow cast mate, Demi Lovato. The two outgrow their Disney roots and go on tour together in 2016. Yet again, Jonas is rocking the interesting scarf/bandanna combination.

Age 22: Jonas stars in the television show Kingdom where he plays Nate, an aspiring boxer. He needed to bulk up for the role, and let's just say it was worth it. 

Age 23: Let us not forget the photo shoot for Flaunt magazine. 

Happy birthday Nick Jonas! And thank you Nick Jonas's mom, Denise Miller-Jonas for gracing us with this beautiful man. 

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