Happy 24th Birthday Niall Horan!

1. When Niall and Liam had a mini reunion. Niall Horan and his former band mate,  Liam Payne, ran into each other backstage at a concert in Indianapolis and filmed their reunion!

2. He hand writes thank you letters to his supporters. After announcing his tour dates some fans were discouraged that Niall wasn't stopping in their town, but he wrote a letter apologizing for not making those locations, but also thanking his fans for being so supportive. It's one thing to tweet out a simple “thanks,” but Niall goes the extra step and writes down his appreciation for his fans. I mean come on! How cute!

3. He fangirls like the rest of us! This past May Niall performed his new single, “Slow Hands,” in the Tonight Show, and took a moment to snap a photo with one of his favorite bands, The Roots.

4. Literally anytime he wears glasses.

5. When he stopped by the MyFm Studio and Valentine’s son, Collin, interviewed him.

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