Break It / Make It

Are you holding onto emotions, anger, resentment, hurt, sadness, grief that you’ve been meaning to let go of but can’t seem to? Whether you’ve experienced heart break from a break up, a friendship gone south, a breakdown from life overall, the Museum of Broken Relationships present the BREAK IT, MAKE IT workshop on Sunday September 17, 2017.In the Break It / Make It Workshop, for the first time, perhaps ever, you will have the opportunity to SMASH slam, break (glass, ceramics . . . really anything breakable that we can get our hands on) and release your lingering and unproductive emotions—the anger, the pain, the stagnation—physically and powerfully.And then? Well, then we’ll pick up those splintered, broken shards and create something new; something beautiful. You’ll create a work of art with the broken pieces left behind. 

This workshop is about expressing and releasing your emotions as (and through) art. Break It Make It offers an opportunity to connect physically, mentally, and spiritually with your feelings, and transform them into an experience that celebrates and best serves you in finally moving on with your life.Together, we will commemorate your fresh, new beginning. Purge, heal, explore, renew and clean out everything in your life that no longer serves you. Leave the brokenness behind and MOVE FORWARD!Space is limited so get your tickets now!


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