Is Taylor Swift About to Release a New Album?

After wiping out all social media accounts this past Friday, many fans speculated that Taylor Swift was about to release new music. The wipe occurred on the 3 year anniversary of her hit single “Shake it Off.” Coincidence? These Swifties think so!


Today, Taylor Swift posted a 10 second muted video of a reptile snake on various social media accounts.


This video only forced more speculation that new music was on the way! Swifties started tweeting out the trending topic #TS6IsComing to prepare for the hope that Taylor’s sixth album is coming soon.


Many even joked that the only thing that can outshine the 38 year wait of a Solar Eclipse is…well….Taylor herself.


To conclude everything, lets not forget that Taylor Swift's character in "Bad Blood" was nicknamed "Catastrophe," and Katy Perry released at midnight that her newest music video for her song "Swish Swish" is going to be named "Catastrophe."


Katy's newest music video seems to be a copy cat version of Taylor's "Bad Blood" video, complete with two teams fighting against each other. 

Katy has also referred to "Swish Swish" as a song against bullies, and in her music video teaser she prepares fans to "Get Ready For the Hottest Mess in History." Is she referring to Taylor as both a bully and hot mess by naming her music video catastrophe? 


On top of all of this, a few fans have tweeted out this picture of Taylor's alleged song list for her album.


We don't know if this is real, but the supposed song "Over" is a collaboration between Taylor and Katy. Is the hatchet finally buried? 

Either way Taylor was able to outshine both the Solar Eclipse and Katy Perry's new music video announcement... 



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