We’re Celebrating James Corden’s Birthday with the Best Carpool Karaokes!

Today is one of our favorite talk show hosts birthday! Late night TV wouldn’t be the same without him and his Carpool Karaoke moments. Corden has belted out hit songs with dozens of celebrities and here are 10 of our favorites.

1. Justin Bieber Post-Grammys


Not only were the two in matching white tuxedos and opened their Grammy goodie bags, but they also discussed how strong their friendship is, since this is Justin’s third Carpool Karaoke.

2. Brittany Spears


Seeing James Corden rock the iconic “Hit Me Baby One More Time” outfit? Yes please.

3. Bruno Mars


No one gets more ­­into Bruno’s music than well… Bruno.

4. Broadway Karaoke with Lin Manuel Miranda


Anytime is a good time to watch Lin Manuel Miranda sing Hamilton songs.

5. Ed Sheeran


Not many people know all the words to Ed Sheeran’s hit “Sing,” but in this rendition of Carpool Karaoke Corden proved he did!

6. Sia


The two belted out some of Sia’s iconic songs and Sia explained why she always covers her face.

7. Adele


Adele’s incredible rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” (and 165+ million views) had to land her in our top 10.

8. Michelle Obama with Missy Elliott


Who wouldn’t want to watch the First Lady singing Stevie Wonder in a car with a late night host and rapper?!

9. One Direction


One Direction sang some of their hit songs, and Corden gave some choreography and wardrobe suggestions for their song “No Control.”

10. Jennifer Lopez


 Not only did Lopez teach Corden her music video looks, but she showed us some of her phone contacts…which held some pretty exciting names!


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