Today Is John Stamos’ Birthday—Here’s Some Of Our Fav Uncle Jesse Moments

Two Broken Arms


After getting into a horrible motorcycle accident, Jesse breaks both his arms and refuses help from anyone… obviously.

Jesse & Joey Change Their First Diaper


Although, hilarious… don’t try this at home kids.

“Have Mercy”


The most iconic line form the entire Full House series had to be, “Have Mercy.” Uncle Jesse used this line after kissing dozens of girls but it was eventually reserved for his one true love, Becky.

Working Out With Michelle


I mean…. How adorable is Michelle in that headband?!

The Hair


Everyone knows Uncle Jesse’s most prized possession has to be his hair.

The Teddy Bear Song


The only thing we love more than hearing Uncle Jesse sing is hearing him harmonize with Danny and Joey!

Monkey Business


When Danny’s sister comes to town with her pet monkey, it seems to take a liking to Uncle Jesse!

Singing “Forever” to Becky


This has to be one of the sweetest moments on the show. When Jesse sang this song he wrote for Becky on their wedding day, every Full House lover was choked up.


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